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Rain or Shine Roofing Contractors is a detail – oriented, architecturally knowledgeable construction company. We have a wide range of superior products and services for you to choose from. Contact us today if you are in need of any of the following services: Commercial & residential services Shingles, re – roofing, expert flashings, roof repairs, flat roof experts, single ply, modified Bitumen, Hydro-Stop, TPO, roof inspections, metal roofs, slate & tile, windows, vinyl siding, soffit, fascia Top name products GAF, Elk, Mulehide, Certain Teed, Hydro-Stop, Owens Corning, Karnak, and more!

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Rain Or Shine Roofing Contractors


Tree Trimming
Tree branches can be the cause of unwanted growth on your shingles. Keep them trimmed back from your home.
Roof Safety Equipment
Roofing professionals use roof jacks and safety harnesses to keep themselves safe from injury. If we need these safety measures, you shouldn’t be up on a roof without them. Let us do the work. Don’t risk your safety.
Common Roof Colors
Blacks, browns, grays and whites are the most common roof colors. Do you know why? You may decide to change the color of your siding or front door, but you’ll want your shingle color to be neutral enough to fit with any change.
Siding Options
Fiber Cement Investment Return
A 2011 nationwide review by Remodeling Magazine found that fiber cement siding provides an 80% return on investment, making it the best home improvement investment costing more than $1,300.
New Year’s Resolution
Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet? How about committing to a roof inspection? It’s always better to find problems when they’re small and easy to repair.
St. Nick Needs A New Strategy
“Up on the rooftop, reindeer paws. Down jumps good ol’ Santa Claus.” What?! Didn’t anyone tell that elf to keep his sleigh off your new roof? Reindeer don’t have paws, they have hooves!
Hidden Roof Damage
Winter Roof Care
Snowy, icy roofs are a dangerous place for you, and your weight can damage cold shingles. Use a snow rake to remove excess winter precipitation.
Hail Damage
Hail can damage your roof by knocking off the protective granules on the shingles and shortening structural lifespan. Hail damage is generally covered by homeowners insurance.
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