Back To School Time

Hey everyone, Keely here. Right now, like many of you, we’re in the zone of getting back to school. My girls start their new year in just a couple of days. I’m going to confess, I’m not great at documenting the school year. Everyday life is hectic and the events that happen throughout the year tend not to be great for taking pictures, you can participate or wrangle for a picture with bad lighting and generally too many obstacles in the way. The years go way too quickly though and I still wanted to capture a bit of what life means to my girls right now. My plan is to capture the beginning and the end of this school year with a short set of interview questions. I had my girls fill them out because I wanted to see their writing.

school start end pst

Then I created a couple of simple pages to highlight their answers and first day of school pictures. I decided to forego the traditional school theme in favor of kits that were more in tune with what they’re going to be wearing. Because my kids don’t start school until Tuesday I’m going to insert the photos later.  ( I may cheat and take pictures the day before since my high schooler has to be at school for practice at 6:45 am ). I think it will be fun to compare the start and finish and I intend to keep the basic design the same.

JUNIOR START 8-22 blog

6TH START 8-22 blog



I used a few of Zoe’s kits to mix and match.


Neon Crush

Shine Bright


And that’s how an underachiever does it! Hope all you back to schoolers have a successful year.

Perfectly Beautiful – NEW from Zoe Pearn & Amber Shaw

Hi everyone! :)

This week, I teamed up with one of the newest additions to the Sweet Shoppe team, Amber Shaw, to make this gorgeous kit!  Perfectly Beautiful celebrates your inner beauty, and is perfect for all ages… I just love the snazzy pops of gold in with all those pretty colours – super classy!


It’s 20% OFF through Saturday 23rd August 2014!

The gorgeous girls on my Creative Team have outdone themselves once again with this kit… and I had the perfect photos of my little lady, so I jumped in on the action too!




There are more gorgeous layouts using the collection, so make sure you check out the ZPD Facebook Page over the weekend for more inspiration!

Don’t miss your chance to get this featured designer kit from Megan Turnidge!  Get this great kit absolutely FREE with your $10 Purchase!


And on that note, I’m going to leave you to enjoy the rest of your weekend…  Thanks so much for reading, and happy scrapping!

xx Zoe

One Little Word – Generosity

As we are inclined to do on January 1st of each year, I assigned myself a challenge for the year.  Well, more of a word to focus on throughout the year.

One Little Word:  Generosity

Generosity seems easier around holidays, doesn’t it?  I wonder why that is.  Why on August 21st does generosity almost seem like a burden?

Worthwhile, yes.

Difficult, yes.

Easy to ignore, yes.

So maybe for once Pinterest is going to actually be productive for me.  Here’s a link to my “One Little Word” board and here are a few of my favorite things from that board:




But this a blog about digital scrapbooking after all, so how do we apply this to our craft?  Generosity takes many forms and that includes sharing your creations with your family and friends.  What you are doing is satisfying your need to create and providing you with an outlet to use all of the amazing digital supplies designers like Zoe put out there, but truly…in all actuality…what you are doing is generously giving your time and talent toward preserving memories for those who come after you.

Some of my dearest memories are centered around sitting cross-legged in my grandmother’s living room floor poring over the thick books of pictures.  Someone put the time to put those pictures in those books so I would have an opportunity to see them.  Someone knew that having access to those memories long after those people were gone would help me know where I came from.

Creating for others is an essential part of generosity.  So go…..create something today and be generous.

- Tiffany

Project Life Tuesday: August 19


Hi Zoe fans! It’s Kim and I’m still working away on my vacation photos. I decided to use some modified pocket templates to scrap our vacations this year. I plan to print them in 8×8″ size and put them in a little 3 ring binder I purchased. My original plan was just to do our May vacation this way… but then I took so many great photos when we went to Colorado in July, I decided to use the same method to showcase those photos.

Once we got back from our May vacation, I started grouping the photos by day and activity and popping them into templates. I wrote the journaling as I went and now I’m working my way through adding kits to the templates. Here’s one of my recent layouts using Zoe’s most recent kit, Make It Count.


These are really just a random bunch of photos from one of the days of our trip. I had them in a template and when I saw Zoe’s kit, I knew it would work well with my random photos. I used both a plaid background and a floral background that had the same creamy base and then used that cream color in a solid for my grid. By keeping the same cream color throughout the layout, it lets the viewer focus on the photos without having colors or elements overpower the photos. I love little tricks like this to keep layouts that are full of photos that don’t blend together from becoming too busy. What’s your favorite trick for using random photos in one layout?


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